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Plinko at BC.GAME is the best in today’s crypto gambling scene, offering a spin on the quirky and fun game of chance that involves players dropping balls onto a vertical board that is filled with rows of pegs that form a straight pyramid on the surface. Originally, the game is inspired by “Pachinko,” a Japanese mechanical game. Mechanics are almost the same in that the players drop the ball from the very top of the pyramid so that they can discover the winning routes that provide a respective multiplier.

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Weak dogs
After i won 3700 they tok it all every ball on 0.2 i have lost all my money and i feel not good and depressed
save ur money cant win shit here anymore , smfh rigged as fukk
Why are youse cheating? Can’t click on support. My bet keeps changing. Can see my ball being manipulated. Wtf is the go?!
Patience and persistence pays with plinko.
Nice game,,has it ever happened that two balls in a row fell at x1000 ?
There isn't a day that I didn't curse Plinko, she did zero again
Do not play these games outdoors You won't win,... We're all just being fooled by the gaming's programming systems set up by providers.
Plinko is the best Hands down
Understand, you develop a plinko “tolerance” just like a drug. At first, sending quarters down the ramp was “experimental”, nothing tok serious. Then maybe, that quarter hits a 33x and youre like “hey maybe theres something to this, lets try bumpin it up…” 3 years later fienin’ for a high risk drop… lol good luck, peace & love, eat first…
Won $4K on plink yesterday for my second time in the past few months. Started with $2 from Algo FD and just had a dank seed. Now I can't hit anything for my life.. I swear it's like they have a win switch they turn on and off..lol. Oh and I hit 1000x with 40¢ too! 😹
Dropped 1.6bcd on 1000x a few weeks back. Amaxing but cant win anything after that
0-21 riiiight
happy New year i wish to all my friends and my bc family good luck and it's will be a great year your's mohamed fouad the Egyptian 🌹🌹♥️🌹🌹 🇪🇬
Happy New Year To All !❤️ Here's to a new year filled with success, happiness, and all of your wildest dreams coming true ❤️
Bc has become so unlucky dude a few months back at least I won sometimes but nowadays it’s not like that at all
From my home to yours Near and far, To all my Family & friends. I wish you health, prosperity,joy and Love in 2023 Happy New Year BCGame family 🎊🥳
Strange that it always leads to the middle