Aztec Spins

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6 x 5

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$0.1 to $50

About this game

Aztec Spins (Red Tiger): Slot Review & Theme

Aztec Spins by Red Tiger Gaming takes players on a captivating journey into the enigmatic world of the Aztec Empire. This 6-reel, 4-row slot game is not only visually stunning but also promises the potential for substantial payouts, with a colossal ultimate prize of up to 4,983 times your initial wager. While the Aztec theme isn't entirely novel, Red Tiger Gaming has breathed new life into it with innovative features.

One standout feature is the Aztec Calendar Wheel, which catalyzes exciting bonuses and enhanced rewards. Drawing inspiration from the design of this ancient calendar, Red Tiger Gaming has crafted an engaging mechanism for triggering bonuses, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring temples that showcase the Aztec's architectural prowess, the game features a massive bonus wheel surrounded by gold-framed reels at its center. On these reels, players will encounter intricately detailed and colorful symbols, each steeped in the rich culture and mysteries of the Aztecs.
Paytable and Bet Size

In Aztec Spins, you can achieve winning combinations by matching 3 to 6 symbols on any of the 30 pay lines, and what's particularly advantageous is that these pay lines pay both ways. Here's the paytable for Aztec Spins, outlining the payouts for different symbol combinations:

- Pyramid – 360x for a combination of 6 symbols
- Mask - 300x for a combination of 6 symbols
- Snakes - 240x for a combination of 6 symbols
- Headband - 168x for a combination of 6 symbols
- Orb - 120x for a combination of 6 symbols
- A – 72x for a combination of 6 symbols
- K - 30x for a combination of 6 symbols
- Q - 48x for a combination of 6 symbols
- J - 36x for a combination of 6 symbols
- 10 - 24x for a combination of 6 symbols

With these payout values, you can strategize your bets and aim for those valuable symbol combinations to secure your winnings in the game. Good luck exploring the treasures of Aztec Spins!

About Aztec Spins (Red Tiger) at BC.GAME

Aztec Spins by Red Tiger, available at BC.GAME is known for its high volatility, which means that while it may have less frequent wins, the potential for larger payouts is significant when wins do occur. Players should be prepared for periods without wins, but the possibility of hitting substantial prizes during the game can be pretty rewarding.

The Return to Player (RTP) for Aztec Spins at BC.GAME is listed at 95.71%. This percentage represents the theoretical average amount players can expect to receive back over the long term. Remember that RTP is calculated over many rounds of play, and individual sessions can vary significantly from this average. Players need to gamble responsibly and within their means.

The combination of high volatility and an RTP of 95.71% makes Aztec Spins an exciting and potentially lucrative slot game for players who enjoy taking risks for the chance of more significant rewards. However, managing your bankroll wisely when playing high-volatility slots is essential to ensure an enjoyable and responsible gaming experience.

Feature of Aztec Spins (Red Tiger)

Once you set the Wheel in motion, a world of bonuses unfolds. These enticing bonuses encompass free spins, locked symbols, and the chance to stack multipliers, which can reach up to an impressive 30x! The excitement escalates even further in the free spins game, where you'll have the opportunity to be showered with a multitude of additional bonuses.

Aztec Wheel Feature

The Aztec Wheel feature is at the heart of Aztec Spins, a pivotal element that bestows a wealth of lucrative bonuses, promising substantial rewards. Trigger the Aztec Wheel by landing a 2x2 wheel symbol on the two middle reels, and prepare to be showered with bonuses. These bonuses include locked symbols, stacking multipliers that can reach an impressive 30x and a generous allocation of 12 free spins. The assortment of extras available is nothing short of extraordinary.

Locked Symbols

When the Wheel lands on a particular symbol, the 'locked symbol' bonus springs into action. This triggers the two middle reels to become adorned with this specific symbol, firmly locked in place for the next spin, along with the rest of the matching icons. The reels spin, securing new matching symbols until a winning combination is achieved.

Stacking Multiplier, Respins

If the Wheel stops on a 10x multiplier, anticipate a tenfold increase in the value of your following successful combination. This bonus feature is particularly enticing, as it offers the chance to accumulate additional multipliers while awaiting a win, potentially leading to a cumulative multiplier of up to an impressive 30x. Should you obtain a 30x multiplier without utilizing it, you'll be rewarded with a wheel respin, presenting an extraordinary opportunity to amass even more substantial winnings.

Free Spins

Your Aztec Spins adventure is complete with indulging in the splendid free spins game activated by the bonus wheel. You embark on this thrilling feature with an initial allocation of 12 free rounds. Moreover, you can secure 6 free spins by landing the bonus symbol during the feature. Notably, your chances of triggering the Aztec Wheel feature are significantly enhanced during the free spins, making these rounds brim with potential and unmissable opportunities for substantial rewards.

Aztec Spins (Red Tiger): Summary

Aztec Spins by Red Tiger offers an enchanting gaming experience centered around the captivating Aztec Wheel feature, making it a must-play slot game. The magic of this feature unfolds through a cascade of endless bonuses, with locked symbols and the potential for an impressive 360x multiplier taking center stage, ensuring an unforgettable adventure. With a medium-to-high variance, players have solid chances of landing the game's top jackpot, a remarkable 4,983 times their initial wager.

The game's free spins feature doesn't disappoint, delivering a substantial dose of thrilling bonus action. Moreover, the innovative method of triggering bonus features elevates the excitement of spinning the reels, adding an extra layer of suspense to the gameplay. While the RTP stands at 95.71%, slightly lower than ideal, you should explore the incredible bonuses and immense potential that Aztec Spins offers. Dive into this Aztec-inspired adventure and uncover the riches hidden within!

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