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About Roleta Brasileria at BC.GAME

Roleta Brasileria is a live dealer online roulette game presented in Brazilian Portuguese created by Playtech. It boasts an RTP of 97.30%, with minimum bets starting at $0.50 and maximum wages up to $3,000. The game is available on desktop and mobile platforms and allows players to play Roulette online in Brazilian Portuguese.

The classic roulette wheel offered at Playtech's roulette tables is available in several languages, including Portuguese. The table is mainly meant for the large Brazilian market, but it also appeals to many other players around the globe. The game is one of the best ways to play Roulette live in Brazil. It has intense competition but should be noticed because it's still a top-tier game.

Introduction to Roleta Brasileria

Playtech is a live casino software provider that operates in dozens of markets worldwide. The company also operates several versions of its live roulette game in multiple languages.

The Brazilian Roulette offered at Playtech casinos is identical to the main Live Roulette game, with the only difference being that the dealers speak Portuguese instead of English.

How to Play Roleta Brasileria

The Playtech live roulette game is available in Brazil, and you can play it at BC.GAME. Once there, you should be able to find Brazilian Roulette and other Playtech games.

Use your chips to place a bet on the roulette table; your chips will be active in the next round once you confirm your bet. Place standard bets on European wheel layouts for optimal RTP; in this way, you can expect better long-term winnings and industry-standard payouts.


The payouts for this game are standard for the industry, ranging from one to thirty-five times your bet with Straight Up bets. Roulette players should be familiar with these numbers by now, and we have ensured there are no unpleasant surprises in our Brazilian Roulette pay table below.

Inside Bets:

Straight up - 35:1
Split - 17:1
Street - 11:1
Corner - 8:1
Line - 5:1

Outside Bets:

Dozen/Column: 2:1
Red/Black - 1:1
Even/Odd - 1:1
1-18/19-36 - 1:1

The rules of the game call for a minimum bet of five coins per hand. This means that the Return to Player (RTP) rate is 97.30%, which is solid but not relatively as high as other games like blackjack or Roulette.

The house edge for all bets in Roulette is set by the game's RTP and does not change regardless of which bet you make. From a strategic perspective, all bets have different risk/reward ratios.

Special Feature

Though developed by Playtech, Roullete Brasileria differs from other Playtech roulette games because it offers a Portuguese-language presentation. As such, it only offers a few features beyond those found in most well-made roulette games.

For an additional bet, you can switch on the race track view. For example, you can make sector bets such as Neighbors. These additional bets combine the usual ones in different ways; they're not included on the basic pay table.

The game has settings and options such as video quality and audio levels. Also, it offers an option for you to bet on the number of players who will win. This can be done by checking on the previous 20 rounds' results.

The Bet Creator feature allows you to create presets by combining multiple bets. These presets can be quickly accessed by clicking the Bet Creator button. Lucky Dip will randomly select Straight Up bets if you need help determining which bets to place.

Strategy for Roleta Brasileria

Like all casino games, the roulette game has an RTP (return to player) that is the same for all bets. However, beginners may feel more comfortable playing less risky bets like red/black; combining multiple bets per round is a typical roulette strategy. For instance, you can combine safe, even money bets with riskier straight-up wagers.

Roleta Brasileria: Summary

Playtech's Roleta Brasileria is a straightforward roulette game with a simple goal: to offer live Roulette in Portuguese, primarily to Brazilian players. It succeeds well, so our impressions are mostly positive.

The Playtech live roulette variant Roleta Brasileira is a great game. It's no surprise that the Portuguese version of the game, with dealers native to Brazil, is just as good. Furthermore, the dealers are all of different nationalities. Still, they do not differ from the original game in any way, and neither do they display any less courtesy or professionalism. The tables are pretty busy too, which makes maintaining a solid rapport with the audience even more difficult.

If you want to play live Portuguese Roulette online, you will not find a better game than this.

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