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Plinko at BC.GAME is the best in today’s crypto gambling scene, offering a spin on the quirky and fun game of chance that involves players dropping balls onto a vertical board that is filled with rows of pegs that form a straight pyramid on the surface. Originally, the game is inspired by “Pachinko,” a Japanese mechanical game. Mechanics are almost the same in that the players drop the ball from the very top of the pyramid so that they can discover the winning routes that provide a respective multiplier.

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$2,500 EXCLUSIVE PLINKO CHALLENGE ⏳️Start: 30, Jan 11:00 am UTC ⏳️Ends: 06, Feb 11:00 am UTC Complete as many payouts. Must be an exact multiplier. 11x🟢13x🟢22x🟢29x🟢33x🟢37x🟢43x🟢58x🟢76x🟢88x🟢110x🟢120x🟢170x🟢260x🟢420x🟢620x🟢1000x 🏆Available Prizes🏆 👑 1st...............$500 👑 2nd.............$300 🤴 3rd..............$200 👑 4th..............$100 👑 5th................$50 👑6th-10th.......$30 💫All other participants $700 https://forum.bc.game/topic/13068-2500-0
Love bc game
Dont play again after a win they wont give you any thing
Waiting for a miracle
Always change settings when its only reds. Try to find settings (rows & risk) where it's many greens. Don't burn your money on reds, just change settings till it starts green.
لبمبو عشقع پلینکو وگر خوبع
Plinko es un juego divertido y bueno para wager en low 16, suerte para todos los que lo juegan
I give up 🏳️🏳️🏳️
It is fun game , I think this game can get big win eventually
Plinko has recently become my go-to game. Gotta take the bad with the good of course, but there’s plenty of good.
This plinko is a scam.. seed always in use.. and how the hell can anyone use my "seed"?? Weird..
How licentious this game is Hope it's a heker this game
How about provably RARE to win.. after the amped up green spells.. and wtf is the “RECENT BIG WIN” being tracked on every wager
I lose all my money again, should i leave this game forever? I think they really greed for take from player and no return at all
-12 ltc, never once in the green.
This is hands down the absolute worst game … don’t do it to yourself.
Hi. I’m playing Plinko and it keeps freezing
This game is better than my wife. My wife need few days to spend money , but this game need only a hour.
Any body win in this game,?, Keep trying and trying till around 20k roll, and didn't see even a single ball goes to corner. Only Limbo seems make sense.