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Among several gambling games built on the blockchain, Mines at BC.GAME is unrivaled. Right now is your opportunity to sit on the sidelines and escape being blasted to kingdom come by doing absolutely nothing. This means extra caution should be used when finding such huge multiplies. Ready to embark on a casino game trip? Try Mines now!

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BC Originals
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fuck this shit scam site
Yo this jams
It's the same ppl who win thousands everyday, nevér give anyone else a decent chance. This place sucks 😑
Minimumbet in 20bets 300x! 1cent bet 14x Max! above 1cent barely hit 2x Red Streak of Death! 3 Years playing never hit above 100x with 20cent ! who ever Programm this why not take direcly Diamonds out! How is this Legit anymore !
Bc game all the best game in casino this game its really slowly play and win big amount
hi all bc gam nis gam🌺🌺
Você pôde fazer crescer o dinheiro com apenas alguns truques, mas todo cuidado é essencial para ter certeza em qual bloco clicar "o cérebro controla seus atos". Pense bem antes de qualquer ação.🧑🏻‍🚀🌟
Not bad
EXPLAIN ME THiS!!! i bet the whole Fu Day above 1cent and cant get over 20x THousends of bets talking i make 1cent that i had over split it half and do the same as always and Boom 600x ?? then Depo again 13x Max and what a struggle again bust! half send Boom 500$ Twice in a ROw ???? WTF is this i play safe everyday hundreds of bet on Mines and never Hit over 100x on 10-20cent or above its like not existing ! the whole Day but split 1cent half hitting direcly ?? who Programmed this ? Statement!
Já ganhei bastante aqui mais é muito arriscado...
BC 2Weeks Winstreak insane ! where is my 2weeks straight Winstreak?? how much you gonna eat more till you Stop Taking and Taking! Why you only can hit over 50x with 1cent max bet and above 1cent you cant hit higher 40x why does my Betsize changing the Payout Multi?
the best game 😍
Please add turbo option⚡️⚡️⚡️👨🏼‍🦳